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Why choose Dr. White for your hip arthroscopy or Labral reconstruction?

The hip joint lies deep in the body.  It is made up of a cup and a ball that must fit perfectly together.  When they do not, this is called Femoroacetabular Impingement or FAI.  With time, normal motion and use can break down and tear the labrum, which is a lip like extension of cartilage on the edge of the cup that forms a seal with the ball.  Unfortunately, the labrum is highly innervated and when torn can cause severe dysfunction, loss of activity and pain that is difficult to cope with. This whole condition can be treated arthroscopically, but the procedure is incredibly challenging and has a massive learning curve associated with it. 

Dr. White’s passion and devotion towards caring for the hip joint began with his fellowship with Dr. Marc Philippon. Establishing this foundation allowed him to focus on the hip joint from the beginning of his career.  He started a database in July of 2009 for all of his hip arthroscopy surgeries and credits his improvement in technique and the direction of his practice to the objective evaluation of his outcomes and data.  Specifically, this has validated his technique for labral reconstruction and this has been published in the Orthopaedic literature.  The fatal flaw with the native, torn labrum is that it is highly innervated with pain fibers and that it is typically injured for a long period of time in patients before surgery is offered.  In this situation, attempting to repair this tissue can fail or result in incomplete pain relief.  The labral reconstruction is different.  The labral graft is incorporated by the body, restores the normal biomechanics of a native labrum, but should never regain innervation.  In other words, it can never feel pain.  This is an ideal solution for a very challenging problem, especially in situations where the labrum is not suitable for repair or a previous attempt to repair the labrum has failed.

Experience matters.  Simply put, your first surgery represents your best opportunity to be perfect, to return to activity, and to return to the life that allows you to be happy again.  He performs on average 430 hip arthroscopies per year, 11 per week, and nearly all of them are labral reconstructions.  Approximately 100 of these cases are revision hip arthroscopies with labral reconstruction.  In August of 2017, he performed his 2,000th labral reconstruction.   The labral reconstruction procedure has incredible potential, but is an extremely difficult and challenging surgery.  Performed well it can yield perfect results, performed poorly it can create problems that are difficult to fix.  Many equate 10,000 hours to the perfection of a craft.  Dr. White spends over 2,500 hours per year in the operating room performing this surgery and has made it reproducible for even the most challenging hip.  His passion, devotion, and commitment are felt when you sit in room with him.  He takes the responsibility given to him with each patient seriously.   He surrounds himself in both the Operating Room and his clinic with similar minded people devoted to a common goal.  That goal is to make you perfect and whole again.

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Published Studies

Below are a list of Dr. White's published studies.  These are the culmination of years of work and the database of his hip arthroscopy patients since 2009.  They validate the technique for allograft labral reconstruction of the hip.


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