Patient Testimonials


Sam's Story

I am a 15 year old gymnast. When I found out I needed surgery all I could think about was recovering and going back to the sport I love. Because I had an amazing surgeon and therapist I was able to go back. I am now fully recovered and back to gymnastics. Dr.White took amazing care of me and I am so thankful he was my doctor. Thanks Dr.White! 



Jeff's Story

I wanted to let you know that since the surgery things have gone incredibly well. I have remained symptom free and have managed to push myself to levels athletically that I never imagined were possible. In June I placed fifth in the 50-54 age group at the Boulder Ironman and qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, a long-standing dream of mine. Had I not been faced with the all to real end of my athletic career back in 2011 I never would have tried to push myself to these heights and I owe you a huge debt of gratitude for giving me the second chance and spurring me forward (even if your parting words to me were ‘I don’t see people who run 10k’s). 

I wanted to let you know that I published the podcast with our interview today.  In case you are interested in listening or linking on your website:

It is also on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play.

Thank you again! -Jeff



Jerardo's Story

"In 2016 Dr. White operated on my son Jerardo ("Tre"). At the time he was a freshman in high school and Dr. White wanted to perform a surgery that at the time had never been done in the US. I tried to attach his highlight video from the summer of 2017.

I just wanted to take the time to thank you and show you how my son has progressed. This is his senior year and he hopes to commit to play for a division II college soon."



A note from Dr. White

"Tre had a very complex problem.  He dislocated his hip playing lacrosse and then his hip continued to dislocate even in his sleep.  This was a very difficult case that required adressing both his labrum as well as the ligamentum teres which is the connection between the ball and the cup.  To my knowledge the combination of these two procedures, a labral reconstruction and a ligamentum teres reconstruction, had never been done before.  This is the surgery I performed on Tre at that time and it worked out very well.  He has had no disolcations and has been able to return to very competitive lacrosse and will play at the collegiate level (see his highlight video below).  This case was unique as it was the first ever to be done.  I published a paper on this to help surgeons that have patients with this difficult problem.  It is published in the Journal for Hip Preservation." 



Melissa's Story

Melissa is one of Dr. White's patients who underwent Labral Reconstruction.  Her story and recovery from her surgery was recently featured in Colorado Runner magazine.




Janelle's Story

I would be delighted to let Dr. White and his team know that I just recently traversed the entire length of the European Alps on skis. 1200 miles and 300,000 feet of climbing and descending. This happened just last month after having double hip labrum replacement in 2014. 

Thank you for giving me my life back and more!

Life is a Gift -Janelle



Laura's Story

Thank you. Such a simple phrase we use everyday without even thinking; thank you for holding the door, thank you for the lovely gift. Somehow, writing thank you to Dr. White just does not even come close to expressing the gratitude I feel.

When I met Dr. White, I was at the end of the road. I had two labral repair surgeries on my right hip and the prognosis, not life as an athletic person was going to need to drastically change. My hip was finished; no more running, no riding my beloved horses, time to start thinking about slowing down and alternative activities. It was devastating to hear and even more so, to live. My life turned into a constant negotiation between what I wanted to do and what my body would allow me. After I re-tore the right hip a few months after the first surgery, I began the process of saying goodbye to the life I knew...I could barely canter a horse and was praying for a good ride to jump over a course of fences just once more. Trying to talk myself into the idea the memories of my riding career would be enough. I remember training and competing in races and triathlons and the constant frustration. Consoling myself after races completed with lousy times to just be happy I was out there still and probably there weren't too many competing with shredded labrums and bone chunks floating in their hips. Perhaps worst of all, the guilt, thinking and being told my overdoing caused many of the problems with my hips. I did not know then what I know now, both my hips were doomed to tear and re-tear without the proper bone remodeling work. I kept telling myself just one more ride, just one more race and I'll be Okay being done. But I was not Okay... I refused to accept this was how my life would play out. There had to be another option. And fortunately for me there was, across the country, a surgeon in Denver doing labral reconstructions.

My first conversation with Dr White gave me hope; I remember tentatively asking if I would be able to be able to run and ride again and he gave me a little look of surprise and optimistically said, “Why else would you be here?” He took the time to explain the pathology of my hips in detail and the procedure he was planning. I finally understood what was wrong and why I kept re-tearing. I knew I was working with the right doctor. He was the first surgeon in a long time to tell me what I would be able to do after surgery instead of what I could not.

Working with Dr. White has been a wonderful experience. I don't think I have met a doctor who comes close. He delivered results. The right hip reconstruction surgery has proven to be

everything I had hoped for and more. In less than a year’s time from Dr. White’s surgery to

revise the previous two surgeries and reconstruct the labrum on the right and two weeks before he did a labral reconstruction on the left, I was running well enough on the reconstructed hip to run one of my best races ever. During the race, a woman I was running along side told me she was envious; the route was challenging, footing a bit problematic, yet she said I had a huge smile on my face and made the run look effortless. She had no idea the pure joy and thankfulness I felt to be running again.

Dr. White is not only a gifted surgeon; he is a compassionate, caring man. At one point during the first reconstruction rehab, I hit a wall with physical therapy back in my hometown; it just was not working. During a recheck, he could see I was upset and scared, he reassured me everything was going to be fine, he was not worried and helped me decide what changes needed to be made. I doubt he knows it, but his words during that visit and faith in my ability helped me through some of the darkest moments of self-doubt I've ever had. 

I went into my first reconstruction feeling I had nothing to lose; I was cautiously optimistic, a little afraid to hope for too much. My second side reconstruction, I felt nothing but complete peace of mind; I knew what to expect...perfection and I couldn't wait! One and done this time, no messing around with repairs. I knew I had the right doctor and the right procedure. I am only a few months out from the second hip surgery, but from the moment I left the hospital (both times), my hips have felt perfect. Yes, the rehab is intense even daunting at times, but I find myself amazed every time I try and hit a benchmark in my recovery find no clunky impingement or pain. I cannot wait to be cleared to run and ride again, this time with two healthy functional hips!

His staff at Western Orthopaedics is to be commended as well. I live in New York, and they have made every step of my care as easy as possible; from handling my medical needs to restaurant and hotel recommendations, they have made me feel special with every phone call or visit. 

I hope my story captures the feelings from my heart a simple phrase cannot. I have a second chance at living and miles and miles to go before my journey is over because of you, Dr. White.



Heather's Story

My hip pain was so bad I was unable to do anything I loved to do. I met Dr. White and immediately felt how much he cares for his patients. His passion is helping people get their lives back. My surgery and recovery went extremely well, and I am back doing the things I live for. I did my first 14er a month ago and my hip felt so good! I owe so much to Dr. White and his amazing team!




Chloe's Story

Chloe is 17 years old. She unfortunately had hip arthroscopy with a Labral Repair performed by another surgeon that failed. Her pain was significant-school was difficult, she had daily pain and could not return to dance. This picture was taken about 8 months after having revision surgery by Dr White on both of her hips.  

She had Labral Reconstructions with Allograft on both sides. She has had a complete resolution of pain and has returned to all of her activities. 




Andrew's Story

I am an athlete. Have been all of my life. Football, baseball, soccer  you name it , I grew up playing it. 
I first injured my hip rounding second base in the rain on my way to a triple. The base was wet and I slipped jamming my hip. It didn’t feel normal and continued to bother me playing sports or just walking. In 2010, my sister, Natalie reported the same problem some months earlier and her research led me to believe I suffered from the same issue: labrum tear. Some MRI’s later we were connected to Dr. white at the clinic and ended up having surgery to repair the labrum with my sister on the same day in February 2011. Dr. White had let me know how shredded from labrum was and the risk to re-tear it. I played football for Franklin High School, El Paso TX Freshman year and during Spring training sophomore year I re-injured the same hip. I was out and probably entirely from sport. I saw Dr. White the following summer and this time we scheduled a reconstruction with a brand new labrum in August of 2012. I was still resigned to staying out of football until I took up cross fit the following year as a means to not only rehab but strengthen the support around the hip. It felt so good I , decided to play football again and reentered my senior year. I played  linebacker and slot receiver. See attached pics; number 13. Following the close of my football career at FHS I entered the cross fit regionals in El Paso and that’s the video of me lifting 235 lbs. My hip feels great and I am not restricted from doing anything (as you can see)!




Andrew in this video is 4 years out from a revision hip arthoscopy and conversion to labral reconstruction with allograft.  His prior labral repair had failed 1 and 1/2 years after that surgery.  With the labral reconstruction he was able to play his senior year in football under the lights in Texas and in this video he is competing in a cross fit competition lifting over 225 pounds. 

Andrew lifting weights: 



Valerie's Story

I had several years of significant hip pain where no one could find the source. Then Dr. White gave me the relatively new diagnosis of torn labral tissue. He performed a labral reconstruction and reshaped my hip joint to ensure I could not shred the new tissue. I am now able to participate in sports and activities I thought I had given up forever. He and his crew at Western were exceptional from beginning to end. I get tears in my eyes thinking of how they gave me my life back. Many thanks!!! -Valerie



Jenna's Story

Western Orthopaedics-I am so thankful I was referred to you by an orthopaedic surgeon in Kansas. After four hip surgeries,(two which had failed), I was beginning to lose hope on ever getting to my "normal" again. Dr. White, I cannot thank you enough for all of your help and excelling at what you do every day. I recently had a labral reconstruction done in April 2015 and am feeling better than I have in years. Thank you to your staff for the wonderful care and helping me get back to living again!



Rickey’s Story

I had hip surgery with Dr. Brian White in August of 2014 and it all came out beautifully! I had a consult with him today, 5-13-15, and could not spend a lot of time because I had to go to work. I would like to correspond with him and let him know what a great team he has.

Thank you, Rickey Broida



Julyan's Story

Julyan was previously a Denver Nugget and is now with the Toronto Raptors. In the video below, he is 16 months out from hip arthroscopy with a labral reconstruction. He is very happy with his result and his hip feels great.


Julyan after recovery:



William's Story

After having run 85 marathons, toward my goal of 100, I was experiencing considerable pain that would have put an end to my running. Dr. White performed arthroscopic surgery on my hip and I was able to complete my goal of 100 marathons.

Thanks Dr. White!!! -William




Tara's Story

"I've had hip pain in my hips for quite a while and it just kept getting worse and worse. I was referred to Brain White from my doctor and physical therapists. Scheduled an appointment and saw Dr. White a few weeks later. Instantly, I knew he was the right doctor for me! He was so personable and caring. He told me the many problems I had with both of my hips, which were very similar. I had a lot of pain and was unable to stand, lay, walk, or run comfortably if even possible. I needed surgery on both of my hips. Dr. White said that he was going to do surgery on both of my hips but have them separated by 2 months. My first one was May 25th, 2013 and my second was June 23rd, 2013. So not long ago.

All I can say is that I've had my share of surgeries and Dr. White was the most amazing doctor I could ask for. 

I went from a 10 on the scale to no pain at all. I'm still attending physical therapy at Howard Head in Silverthone (who are amazing also) and just amazed at how well the surgery worked.

Thank you so much to Dr. Brain White & Western Orthopedics. I have nothing but great things to say about you guys!"



Vanessa's Story

"At age 32, I began to experience chronic pain throughout my core and a significant decline in my ability to run, which I had relied on to stay in shape, support my mental health, and provide me with an outlet for my competitive nature. In the summer of 2012, after six years of living in pain and fear without an accurate diagnosis, I drove from Sheridan, Wyoming, to Denver for a consultation with Dr. Brian White. During that appointment, Dr. White reviewed an MRI of my right hip and informed me that he could perform an arthroscopic procedure that would return my quality of life and allow me to run again. I cried with joy. That fall, I underwent surgery. Dr. White found that impingement in my right hip, combined with years of running, had destroyed my labrum and caused bone damage. 

During the initial two weeks of my recovery, the intensity of my pain felt no different than my pre-surgery pain, which should indicate the severity of my injury. By the New Year, I could sit comfortably with no need to constantly shift positions. My energy and vitality returned; no longer did the smallest task seem monumental. At the beginning of June 2013, I hiked six miles without pain to the top of Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota. I am pleased to have shared that experience with my husband, who loves the outdoors as much as I do. I ran a 5K in July, and the muscles and other tissues surrounding my hip complained. I continue to work on correcting pelvic instability due to stretched ligaments around my sacroiliac joint, which resulted from my injury. But my hip joint is intact, and I maintain hope that I will run again.



Lisa W.'s Story

"A few years ago I was having lots of difficulty with a chronically torn hamstring that was preventing me from the one thing that I feel that I can't live without and that is running. After trying several different methods of healing and seeing several doctors, I was advised by a physical therapist that she thought I had a hip problem. I was referred to Dr. White. Dr. White told me that I had a labral tear and that my ball and socket needed to be reshaped. I didn't really feel that it was going to make a big difference to have surgery, but I was willing to give it a try since nothing else had helped my situation. I had surgery at the end of July 2012 and by the beginning of March 2013, I was running again. I live in the mountains and have hiked all summer long as well as being able to do the running that makes a difference in my life. In fact, I just got back from a run outside on the bike path during my lunch break, walked into the office, and saw this email regarding my experience and I am exuberant that I have the life I want back. Dr. White has given me the opportunity to continue to do the activities I love and I am enormously thankful!! The rehab and recovery takes time and it's a lot of work but the results are life changing. I would recommend anyone to Western Orthopaedics and Dr. White."    



Lisa's Story

"I received excellent attention during the seamless process from the initial consultation, to the diagnosis of my labral tear, to my surgery, and all of the follow up care.  Dr. White's staff was extremely helpful.  The process was organized and simple for me as a patient.  I felt prepared and ready for my surgery.
My hip had been very painful and holding me back from my previously active life since my crash skiing 2.5 years prior.  I dreamed of returning to all the fun activities I used to love.  On the day of surgery, I felt confident and excited to have Dr. White "fix" my hip. My labral repair surgery went as expected, and Dr. White and his team did an incredible job!  I was patient with the rehab process, and I was sure not to rush.  After months of PT, massage therapy, and home exercises, I feel great! My hip is perfect now! It's hard to believe I was ever injured!  At this point, I've worked closely with Dr. White treating his patients for 2 years in the PT clinic, observing surgery at the hospital, and I've had the surgery myself.  I can truly attest to the fact that Dr. White and his team are the BEST in hip scope/labral reconstruction and repairs. I recommend Dr. White of Western Orthopaedics to family, friends, and patients alike for diagnosis and the COMPLETE treatment of hip-related injuries."



Chris's Story

"Dear Dr. White,
It has been 7 months since my FAI (hip arthroscopy) surgery and I am ecstatic with the results. I first started to notice my hip issues in 2004. Over the years I was treated by at least a dozen practitioners, from orthopedic surgeons to a board certified specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, to numerous PTs, chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists. I was diagnosed with everything: from being a cry baby to needing to have my spine fused. It wasn’t until Joe Bryant, a Golden based PT referred me to you, that a correct diagnosis occurred and a real solution was proposed. No one likes surgery (especially the catheter part) but I couldn’t wait. Over the years, my physical performance deteriorated from leading expeditions to the summits of Everest and K2, to struggling to ride a bike. For the last six years I was unable to sleep through the night. I couldn’t run. I looked like an 80 year old when I had to step off a ledge more than a foot tall. The constant pain not only affected me physically, it had an ever increasing impact on my emotional state.

The first night after the surgery I slept through the night. Despite the numbing effect of the pain killers I awoke rested and happy. I was blown away at how good you can feel from getting 8 hours of sleep. This was my first glimpse into how my life was about to change: for the better.

I followed your recovery protocol to the letter. Because of the micro-fracturing, I was on crutches for two months, which I think really helped with my healing (it kept me from getting too cocky about the recovery and pushing my hip too hard).

Four months post-surgery I returned to rock climbing, taking it easy but still testing my flexibility and improving my strength. Five months post-surgery I guided a rope team to the summit of Cotopaxi, a 19,348 ft. glaciated volcano in Ecuador. Six months out I was mountain biking and backcountry skiing (easy lines, but getting out all day). Seven months out I am rock climbing harder than I have in years. In the coming months I’ll be guiding cancer survivors to the summit of Kilimanjaro and bankers to the base of Mount Everest (on the remote Tibetan side), then climbing peaks with friends in Sikkim. Next year I will be back on the 8000 meter peaks. 

I cannot thank you and your team enough. You not only re-shaped, re-sewn and re-habbed my messed up hip, you’ve given me a second chance to do the silly things that enrich my life. I was way too young to be an athletic “has been” and surrounded by way too many people that love me to be a cranky, chronic pain suffering old man.



Mika's Story

"Dear Dr. White, 

Let me begin with thank you.   You have changed Mika's life!  We were all very nervous about her surgery.  I almost called the whole thing off the night before she went in.  But pre-surgical nervous parents aside, we wondered if Mika would dance again or at least dance without pain. If she could dance again, would she be able to jump, leap, turn, get into a high arabesque, dance on point, do the splits? What about toe-touches, partnering in lifts with boys, aerials and other acrobatics?  Would she really be able to return to truly rigorous dance? Almost miraculously, Mika dances again.  And yes, she does all of the above.  Her rehearsal schedule is 5 hours a day, 4-5 days a week. She travels extensively to performances and a typical performance is 20 minutes of dancing for her. 

Most important to her parents, she dances pain free and frankly with more flexibility than she had before her surgery since she isn't fighting pain in her hip anymore. The dark look of daily pain she endured with her hip is gone.  

I hope other dancers can find the relief your hip repairs can bring.  It took a good, no outstanding (!) surgeon, the patience of a determined dancer and good followup rehab with a dance medicine PT (also outstanding!) under your direction to make this possible.  A deep, heartfelt thank you from all of us!  Please know you are doing good, good work."




Karli's Story

Karli Cool is just over 1 year post hip surgery (Labral reconstruction) & is back to dance! She was able to perform a solo once this year before competition season got cut short due to covid-19. But we just want to say THANK YOU for getting her back to her first love - dance! She is taking good care of her hip & continues to improve each week!! If it weren’t for your expertise & wonderful care, we truly believe she would not be as far in her recovery. Just wanted to share a few pictures from the one mini performance she got to do this year. THANK YOU THANK YOU for all you do! 



Weston's Story


"Hi guys,

I just wanted to thank you all for your amazing efforts and talents that have allowed me to be doing the things I love. I couldn’t have done it without your encouragement, motivation, and knowledge. Less than a year ago I was waiting to go under the knife again by Dr. White (this is a patient who had his hip first done by someone else, came to our practice on a cane and still in pain). Yesterday I climbed 8 miles to 14,036 ft. on Mt. Sherman, last month I rock climbed the famous Hair city 5.9r route in Eldorado Canyon, a 320 ft. 2 pitch trad route, and my hip is doing great!

Thank you all so very much and I will be forever thankful.

Weston "

Surgical Information:

Right Hip Labral Reconstruction Iliopsoas, Femoral Osteoplasty, Acetabuloplasty. Weston is a revision of a previous hip arthroscopy done by another surgeon.


Updates from Weston, October 9 2013

"Hi everybody, 

I just wanted to thank you all, Christina, Zach, and Dr. White (Shaun and the other Western Ortho staff).  Having had my third re-constructive hip surgery 6 months ago I am finally getting back to normal, at least as normal as possible.   Working with you all at Proaxis was such a great experience for me, your knowledge, attention to detail, and motivating me to keep on exercising has enabled me to get back to climbing and feel healthy again.  I have been super busy this fall as I am going back to school in Denver at Metro to become a history teacher, and working 30 hours cooking at Arugula, I have had very little time to come and see you guys for physical therapy.  But considering the time we had together I really think you guys made a huge difference in my recovery.  I have been climbing two to three times a week in the gym and outdoors when I find the time.  Last weekend I went out to Moab to do some crack climbing and my hips felt great, we climbed over 10 routes in two days all around 5.9+, which is not too difficult but still a great level of climbing. My hips are feeling great, still get sore after climbing but overall I am very pleased with the operations and the rehab and I owe so much of that to Zach and Christina and of course Dr. White.  You guys make an amazing team and anyone I know that is interested I tell them, 'if you ever need to get your hips done there is only one place to go and that is Dr. White and then Proaxis Therapy' you guys rock!

Dr. White I could not thank you enough, I went from being in so much pain for so long, it has been three years since I took my lead fall in the Boulder Canyon, which seems like decades ago.  But after two operations on my right hip and one on my left I feel that I am only getting stronger and although I will need a hip replacement someday I am in a much happier place, being able to climb, hike, and work on my feet.  I don't need a cane or crutches and finally I am not hurting on a daily basis. I sincerely thank you all for your amazing work, attention to detail, professionalism, and the ability to explain what has been going on in my body anatomically and how to treat it all.

I am attaching a couple pictures from this last weekend in Moab if you guys are interested, and Christina if you don't mind forwarding this email to Dr. White and Zach that would be much appreciated. I know I have a little profile on Dr. Whites site and this could be worthwhile to update and show others the success rate you all have and the potential patients have to bounce back fully.

Thank you guys so much





Keegan's Story

Surgical Information:

Staged bilateral hip arthroscopy with Femoral Osteoplasty, Acetabular rim trimming and Labral Repair.



Patient Testimonial:

..."I first realized there was a serious problem with my hips when I came back from a training run in the summer in preparation of my upcoming college soccer season. When I returned home from my run I almost couldn’t walk it was so painful. I had seen various medical professionals about my hip pain and was always told I developed bad arthritis early in my life and essentially had to ‘deal with the pain.’ I finally decided I needed to figure it out and had MRI’s taken. Luckily, I was pointed in Dr. White’s direction.

After some discussions, Dr. White made it clear that I could either play out my college soccer career and risk having severe hip problems as a consequence, or have surgery to repair all of my hip issues. After understanding it was much more than a small decision but rather a decision to benefit me in my future, I decided to have surgery. Although I missed a whole season and went through intense rehab for 8 or 9 months, my decision was the best thing I ever could have done.

Since my surgeries I have maintained an active lifestyle, pain free. The free feeling of not having to worry about my hips hurting truly opened new doors I never could have imagined and I know it will continue to pay off in my future active lifestyle. I have successfully played in two more intense college soccer season and continue to run, bike, ski, etc. with no pain. I have also completed two half-marathons as well as a 100 mile bike ride. I look forward to living a very active lifestyle in the future and have future goals of competitively racing in triathlons. None of this could have been possible without Dr. White. He is truly a brilliant surgeon and a very compassionate man and I am forever grateful for the opportunities he has given me."


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