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I have enjoyed the travel and opportunities to lecture that I have been given over the past several years.  It has initiated great friendships, fostered wonderful professional collaboration and certainly advanced the technique for labral reconstruction.  I do feel an obligation for involvement in some academic conferences, but I will be decreasing the amount that I take on in the coming years.  With my surgical schedule as it is, I do not want to miss this valuable time with my family.  This section of the website has been created to continue teaching the technique for arthroscopic labral reconstruction of the hip.  I have included my published papers, some talks and videos that show the stepwise technique of preparing the allograft as well as performing the arthroscopic labral reconstruction.   

This procedure is technically challenging but with commitment towards learning the steps, you can achieve great results in even the most challenging situations.  If this is not enough, I would love to have you visit me in Denver.  This can be arranged also with a cadaver lab opportunity through my relationships with Smith and Nephew, Conmed Linvatec or Zimmer Biomet.  These visits can be single day visits with a cadaver lab, my labral reconstruction course in Denver or even mini 1 week fellowships that include a day in my clinic.



Dr. White Presents Arthroscopic Allograft Labral Reconstruction

Dr. Brian White presents an Arthroscopic Allograft Labral Reconstruction of the Hip.  Internal Society for Hip Arthroscopy Annual Meeting.


2017 Vail Hip Symposium

Dr. White was invited back to speak at the Vail Hip Symposium on January 12 - 14, 2017. 

How to approach a failed previous hip arthroscopy. 2017 Vail Hip Symposium.


Dr. White talks about allograft labral reconstruction of the hip. 2017 Vail Hip Symposium.


2016 Vail Hip Symposium

Dr. White was invited back to speak at the Vail Hip Symposium on January 14-16, 2016. 


Dr. White speaks about Labral reconstruction being better than re-repairing the labrum when a previous hip scope has failed. 2016 Vail Hip Symposium


Dr White speaks about his technique and results with Labral reconstruction of the hip. 2016 Vail Hip Symposium

2015 Vail Hip Symposium

Dr. White was invited again this year to speak on arthroscopic labral reconstruction at the 10th annual Vail Hip Symposium, January 15 - 17, 2015 in Avon, Colorado. 

Dr. White talks about labral reconstruction at the 2015 Vail Hip Symposium


2014 Vail Hip Symposium

Dr. White was invited to speak on arthroscopic labral reconstruction at the 2014 Vail Hip Symposium.

Dr. White's explains labral reconstruction at the 2014 Vail Hip Symposium.


Getting your hip arthroscopy started properly

It is important to get your hip arthroscopy started properly.  See below video of the Intra-operative setup for hip arthroscopy from Dr. White's 2014 Vail Hip Symposium.

Intra-Operative Setup for Hip Arthroscopy. 2013 Vail Hip Symposium


2013 Vail Hip Symposium

Dr. White was invited to speak on Labral reconstruction with Allograft at the 2013 Vail Hip Symposium


Labral Reconstruction with Allograft. 2013 Vail Hip Symposium.


Published Studies

Below are a list of Dr. White's published studies.  These are the culmination of years of work and the database of his hip arthroscopy patients since 2009.  They validate the technique for allograft labral reconstruction of the hip.

Bilateral Hip Arthroscopy: Direct Comparison of Primary Acetabular Labral Repair and Primary Acetabular Labral Reconstruction

Labral Reconstruction: When to perform and how.

2 year follow up study on Allograft Labral Reconstruction

Technique for Front to Back Labral Reconstruction

Hip pain after femoral fracture

Revision hip arthroscopy with Labral Reconstructon

Simultaneous Ligamentum Teres and Labral Reconstruction


Technique videos for labral reconstruction

Preparing Allografts for Labral Reconstruction

Arthroscopic labral reconstruction of the hip


How to peform an Arthroscopic Labral Reconstruction of the hip.



Dr. White's iBook - Arthroscopic Allograft Labral Reconstruction

Dr White’s iBook technique guide for Allograft Labral Reconstruction. Please follow this link to purchase this technique guide for Labral Reconstruct produced in collaboration with Smith and Nephew.