My Team


I am fortunate to work with many people who share my passion for providing thorough, compassionate care for our patients. Our goal is to care for the whole person and not just their hip. You will see that our service is different from what you have experienced with other clinics.

My Family 

None of what I do would be possible without the love and support of my wife, Hallie.  The hours of practice and time in the operating room can be tremendous.  Hallie balances our life and we are blessed with 2 wonderful children, Charlie and Anne.  We love as a family to escape to the mountains to hike, fly fish and ski.  When I am not in the Operating Room caring for my patients, I am enjoying time with my family.










Shawn is my Physician Assistant and has worked with me since 2012.  He exclusively sees and manages patients with hip disorders.  He is incredibly bright and is very good at assessing your hip, helping you understand how it is not functioning properly, and how we could help.  He assists me in the OR for total hip replacements and is otherwise in the clinic to help with any questions or needs that you may have.  I trust his judgment and decision making implicitly.

Chris Irons and Joe Harris
These are my surgical assistants and provide me with the extra hands that are required to perform your operation. They have decades of experience working in the operating room and their meticulous nature and advanced skill set allows them to craft perfect labral grafts. I have worked long hours with them from the very beginning and their service is essential. Their devotion and work ethic is tireless.


Teresa, Candice and Donna
Nothing could happen without my immediate support at Western Orthopedics. These three women are the backbone of my team. They are my first line for scheduling appointments and surgery, working with your insurance company, answering questions, arranging for MRI’s and studies, completing work forms and assisting in facilitating the logistics for our patients that travel to Denver. They love taking care of and helping our patients and ensure that your entire experience with us will be met with respect, compassion, and a special understanding your individual needs.


Western Orthopaedics Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy is an essential part of your recovery and given the complexity of the hip joint, it is not something that all physical therapists are comfortable with.  Our team lead is Danielle Schoenthaler, and I have worked closely with her since 2010.  She has written our postoperative protocols and is an experienced resource in the nuances of attaining proper muscle balance and endurance after a hip operation.  Her entire team is an excellent group of highly trained physical therapists and is a great fit for your postoperative physical therapy or as a resource to your physical therapist should they need any help along the way.

My Surgical team
I am surrounded by people in the Operating Room who share my level of commitment and investment to achieving the very best for our patients with their operation.  Our surgical team is large-it includes dedicated nurses and scrub techs, my Anaesthesia team, X-ray techs and my medical representatives.  Each cares deeply and gives themselves entirely every day to ensure that your operation is complete and successful.


Nurse Practitioners at Porter Hospital

Carrie and Molly have worked with me since 2014.  They are nurse practitioners who provide the postoperative care after your surgery.  They are compassionate, understanding and work very hard to ensure that your medications after surgery are the best fit for you.  Their goal is also that when you leave the hospital to go home, you and your family understand how to care for you best and that you are independent, safe and comfortable.


Sara and Hannah

Conducting research and advancing the field of Hip Arthroscopy, and more specifically Labral Reconstruction, is very important to me. I have had a database of all of my hip arthroscopies since July of 2009. Collecting pre-operative, intra-operative, postoperative data and organizing our ongoing studies requires a very meticulous, devoted skill set. This is well suited for both Sara and Hannah who work very hard to maintain this database and allow us to continue to contribute academically to the field.