Dr. White Presents Arthroscopic Allograft Labral Reconstruction 

Dr. Brian White presents an Arthroscopic Allograft Labral Reconstruction of the Hip.  Internal Society for Hip Arthroscopy Annual Meeting. 

Madrid - 2019


Labral Reconstruction of the hip with allograft 

This is my Arthroscopic Labral Reconstruction of the hip with allograft technique video.  This was made for the education and training of Orthopaedic surgeons and will be published by The Journal of Arthroscopy in 2015.



Dr. White explains labral reconstruction

Above, Dr. White explains the evolution towards labral reconstruction as a primary procedure at the 2014 Vail Hip Symposium.    




Dr. White's Surgical Videos.


Femoral Osteoplasty Surgical Video.



Labral Reconstruction Surgical Video


Dr. White's Talks

Dr. White has included the above talks from international hip conferences for Orthopaedic surgeons for your reference and education.  They span several years and show his progression and the improvements with his technique for labral reconstruction of the hip with the use of allograft.  

How to approach a failed previous hip arthroscopy. 2017 Vail Hip Symposium.



Dr. White talks about allograft labral reconstruction of the hip. 2017 Vail Hip Symposium.



Dr White speaks about his technique and results with Labral reconstruction of the hip. 2016 Vail Hip Symposium




Dr. White speaks about Labral reconstruction being better than re-repairing the labrum when a previous hip scope has failed. 2016 Vail Hip Symposium


Dr. White talks about labral reconstruction at the 2015 Vail Hip Symposium



Dr. White's presentation on labral reconstruction at the 2014 Vail Hip Symposium.



Intra-Operative Setup for Hip Arthroscopy. 2014 Vail Hip Symposium



Labral Reconstruction with Allograft. 2013 Vail Hip Symposium.