Dr. White's 1500th Labral Reconstruction


Dr. White performs his 1500th labral reconstruction.

Today, Mckenzi was operated on by Dr. White. She had 1 previous hip labral repair on her right and 2 previous arthroscopic labral repairs on her left by other surgeons before she came to his clinic. All of her procedures failed and she could not do any activity that gave her enjoyment. Dr. White successfully revised her right side one year ago to a labral reconstruction. She has done great with this procedure and is very happy with her new hip. She now she returned to have the same procedure to revise her left side. Dr. White performed a labral reconstruction on this side today and it was the 1,500th labral reconstruction that he has performed.

This is a powerful procedure which has fixed the most challenging hips and has provided an excellent solution for Mckenzi and patients like her.  It has allowed people in bad situations to return to the life that they enjoy.  Dr. White is grateful to his team and his database of nearly 2,500 hip arthroscopies that he has performed for the evolution and validation of his labral reconstruction technique.


*Arvada location: Shoulder & Elbow only

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