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Patient Testimonials


5 stars


John W. 11/22/19

"I was impressed with the clarity and reasoning behind the advice I received from Dr. Baran. Equally, I fully enjoyed the friendliness and playfulness of the support staff; clearly good people and a happy work environment."


Iris G. 11/21/19

"Amazingly timely, I appreciate that so much. Dr. Baran was thorough in his exam and explanation of next steps."


Recent Reviews


Stacia's Story

"Dr Baran is awesome!

He is clear, honest and compassionate.

Before surgery Dr Baran explained the procedure and was honest about possible pain levels. He prepared me going in.

He and other staff members followed up on my care at the hospital. Two weeks Post surgery I walked into his office. With a walker! Again he was clear with me and actually scolded me for doing too much too soon!

I appreciate all he has done for me I truly believe it will be life changing!



Mary's Story

Dr. Baran told me exactly how the surgery would go and what to expect after. The book and the class provided reinforcement for my forgetful memory.

The team followed my case to ensure recovery went as planned.

Dr. Baran's supervision and surgical expertise has enabled me to be pain free and donate my walker and cane. I am two months post surgery. Dr. Baran is responsible for giving me the ability to walk and be active. I could not have expected a better outcome. 

I felt cared for and confident before and after my total hip replacement. My pain is gone!!

Thanks to Dr. Baran and the staff of Western Orthopedics. I recommend Western Orthopedics to anyone requiring help.