Patient Testimonials


Hayes Story

"First and foremost, thank you for the operation that helped me regain martial art form. Although I initially entered your office with the aid of a walking-stick, I now walk and stand strong. The attached photo is 2 years post surgery at 70 years old. With caution I can still perform many of the Karate kicks." -Hayes


Alison's Story

I had a total knee replacement done by Dr. Parks in December 2016. The surgery went smoothly as we anticipated. However, the road to recovery had some unexpected twists and turns, and Dr. Parks and his entire team at Western Orthopaedics were there to help me navigate them. Dr. Parks is not only an ace surgeon, but also an incredibly kind and caring human being. Dr. Parks, and your entire team, I can't thank you enough, but here's a pic of me trying. Can you say happy camper? - Alison


Nancy's Story

Dr. Parks took great care in my examinations, and explained the procedures, in detail, both in the office and again before both surgeries. My surgeries and follow up exams were without issue. I was always asked if I had any questions, and never felt rushed as you sometimes with doctors on their busy schedules. The staff at the front desk were always cordial, and my appointments were always on time. --Nancy L.


Terry's Story

I had a total knee replacement at the end of April. By middle of August, after therapy and rehab, I climbed two 14ers.

Thank you Dr Parks. -Terry


Gail's Story

"While it would be fun to write about my lake activities this summer after my total hip surgery in February - the real story is how I was able to help carry out soggy carpet and drippy pad when our house took on water in our lower level during the flood.  We were lucky that we had no more damage, but I would never have been able to help clean up the mess, had it not been for the expert skills of Dr. Parks.  Thank you Western Orthopaedics for helping me be strong again." -Gail