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Patient Testimonials


Ryan's Story

"Dr. Steven Traina has performed 3 knee surgeries, including left and right knee ACL reconstructive surgery. I have had such strong recoveries that I was able to maintain being a Division 1 basketball player for four years of college and move more comfortably post operation than before. I would recommend Dr. Traina in a heartbeat. Thank you Dr. Traina!"


Maura's Story

"Dr. Steven Traina has repaired my ACL, as well as three of my siblings. He is the #1 Ortho in all of Colorado providing excellence before, during and after surgery. 

I am stronger now than before surgery and I cannot wait to compete at CU next year!"

Carolyn's Story

"After having ten plus years of elbow pain and three cortisone shots, I went to Dr. Steve Traina and received a stem cell injection on January 3, 2018. Within two months the use of my right arm / elbow was remarkable. My elbow is pain free and the ability to pick up things, move my arm, and work in my normal capacity is amazing.

Thank you so much Dr. Traina! I am forever grateful."



Jack's Story

"Dr. Traina replaced my knee in January 2016 and after 11 months I couldn't be happier. The first 3 months were tough but after that it got better and better. Yoga was a key to my fast rehab; it works the leg differently than other things.

I now walk 20 miles without issue and hike up to 11k feet. I can't believe I waited so long to do the surgery. I went from being a crippled old man to a spry young kid in a few months.

Gary's Story

"I wish to express my deepest gratitude to everyone at Western Orthopaedics. I recently had my right knee total replacement surgery with Dr. Traina. This is the second surgery Dr. Traina has performed on me as I had my left knee torn meniscus repaired some 12 years ago. My recent surgery took place on March 18, 2014, at Rose Hospital. Dr. Traina and his PA Andrew Cleveland preformed the surgery and it was a success beyond my imagination. Yesterday, 3/31/14 I had my first check up, had my surgery staples removed, and had new X-rays on the new knee. Not only did everything look great, but I am now able to walk without a walker, have 95% of all range of motion, and remarkably with little to no pain. I have to say that while I have worked extra hard to make sure my recovery would be successful, I give all the credit to my physician and his assistant. Their work was flawless and made the recovery go so smooth. I have yet another knee replacement surgery required for my left knee some time in the near future and look forward to working with you all again. Now at 61 years young, I look forward to be back playing pickelball daily for 4 to 5 hours, hopefully with in a month or so. Please fell free to use me as a reference. I am extremely grateful for all you have done for me." --Gary W.

Update from Gary:

"Well it's been almost 3 months since my right knee replacement surgery. I couldn't be happier. I am playing pickelball and all the things I used to do before having knee issues. I believe it to be the result of the "team" of people at Western Orthopaedics, but especially that of Dr. Traina and his assistant Andrew Cleveland. I'm probably one of the fortunate ones as I was getting around pretty well within a few weeks, but I am extremely grateful for all the help I received. I also wish to thank Juana for all her help with scheduling and insurance issues. You all are a great team, so much so that I actually look forward to my left knee replacement in October this year. Keep up the great work and I thank you all."


Wayne's Story

"I did significant damage to my right shoulder (rotator cuff) on November 22 and the repair operation was done on December 12. The single most important aspect of this event (and I am completely sincere when I say this) is the level of care and compassion I received before, during, and after the surgery. Our calls to Western Orthopaedics are returned promptly and requests for medication refills are completed within 24 hours. Although my arm has been in a sling since December 12, I am now able to sleep horizontally using pain medication sparingly. I was fortunate enough to retire on December 30, so with vacation time and the holidays, the injury had minimal impact on my ability to perform my job. However, this is not the retirement I envisioned. There were plans for daily workout sessions at the gym across the street, bike rides (on warm days), and private guitar lessions. This is all on hold for the time being. I recently began walking for 1 hour a day so at least I'm able to get outside and get moving again. One of my passions is music and, until January 20, the injury curtailed my guitar playing. The acoustic guitar body is just wide enough to push me past the comfort level. However, I have had limited playing for the past few days (yeah!). Physical therapy begins in a few weeks and I'm eager to get strong again. I've heard that this can be painful but I'm willing to push through the pain in order to get back to my retirement!" --Wayne T.

Greg's Story

"I would like to thank Dr. Steven Traina and his excellent team for returning a quality of life I will forever be grateful for after my total knee repacement. I now live pain free and once again have the opportunity to enjoy many of the activities I loved before my long history of knee injuries and surgery.

My only regret is not being able to some way compensate Dr. Traina and his team for the new lease and quality of life they have given back to me.

Thank you so very much!"


Geralyn's Story

"(I) found myself to this practice (on referral) from (my) best friend who has had 3 surgeries with Dr. Traina. I couldn't be more please with Dr.Traina, Andrew, his physician assistant, as well as his medical assistant, Juana. They are very thorough, attentive, and honest. This is a very busy practice, but no one gets lost in the shuffle because they run a tight ship that is very organized! I also appreciate how effective the front and back office staff are in person and on the phone. I'm in the medical field as well, and I know when people work well together in an office and how customer service is and should be a priority. It really shows in this office. Thank you everyone." Sincerely, Geralyn