Patient Testimonials


Tom's Story

Tom sent us this video of himself playing the organ just a few days after surgery.  Prior to surgery his fingers were constricted and he could not spread his fingers apart enough to key the organ correctly.  



Above: Tom playing the organ just a few days after surgery.



Grant's Story




Susan's Story

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”   Karl Lagerfeld

What a way to start the new year.. with a moment I'd just as soon forget!  I took a wrong step, fell and broke my arm and wrist. So I called Western Orthopaedics and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Mordick.  Turns out I required surgery.. ugh.  A couple of days afterwards, we went to the studio and had fun capturing how pain free I was so soon after surgery.  Wow! Now nearly a month later, I'm out of the cast and my scar and arm are healing nicely with the prescribed physical therapy.  

Thanks for turning a bad situation into a positive experience Dr. Mordick and Western Orthopaedics.  - Susan @ Sue-Lew Photography



Ilya's Story

"Dr. Mordick,

I really appreciate your help in treating my hand injury.  The care provided by yourself and your staff was of the highest standard, while being prompt and affordable.  This experience has, at the very least, partly restored my faith in the U.S. healthcare system.

Best Regards,



Francis's Story

"I treasure the superb care I received with Dr. Mordick! In conversations I learned about him and his clients--top-notch athletes. I realized that I would get the same excellent care. I did so, and today can still develop as a guitar player with no loss of skills. Dr. Mordick approached my humble comp policy needs with highest standards of professionalism, as well as a warm and caring heart to serve. I am grateful to experience the excellence of physical treatment that he gives! "