Patient Testimonials


Tom's Story

I wanted to mention the helpful assistance that Dr. Holmes provided to me after a traumatic racquetball injury to my hip and shoulder. While he did not perform the surgeries, he provided guidance to surgeons who had the specialized skills to effectively do so. He was always attentive to my needs and provided me with straight answers to my questions, which is not always the case when I have sought counsel from other professionals. Dr. Holmes is the real deal. -Tom

William's Story

"I finally relented to the ongoing pain in my right knee and scheduled knee replacement surgery with Dr. Holmes. My entire experience with Dr. Holmes, and my care at PSL was extremely positive. After working hard at my rehab, I am now back at work full time. The only drawback occurred with some follow up paperwork before I could return to work. The office was not able to definitively tell me when Dr. Holmes would be in the office to sign this paperwork. After a couple days delay, I obtained the needed signature and returned to work. It has been enjoyable to work with Dr. Holmes and I would be happy to recommend both Dr. Holmes and Western Orthopaedics to others." --William H.


Connie's Story

"I thought I needed to have surgery, and shots didn't really help that much. One day I had to pick up a prescription at the back of a King Soopers store and my knee hurt so badly that I had to buy a cane just to walk out of the store. Dr. Holmes told me about using an exercise bike and I had used one inconsistently. The day I bought that cane, my husband and I bought our own exercise bike. I have been close to pain free since. I have played competitive tennis for 2 summers since then. If I miss more than 2 days on my bike, I know it.

Thanks for keeping me out of surgery." --Connie