Patient Testimonials


Jason's Story

Please let Dr. Bazaz know he is an outstanding Doctor and has an awesome bedside manner! That is extremely hard to find these days. I left the office feeling confident and much better about my shoulder. Please ensure he knows how much I appreciated the experience! Whoever he reports to needs to know they have a one of a kind Doctor!! -Jason

Charles's Story 

"Dr. Bazaz is one of the finest physicians I've ever encountered (and I've been treated by scores). A torn rotator cuff required evaluation and eventually repair. From my initial contact through my final visit after surgery, he was uniquely personable and professional. He explained my treatment options, showed me the injury by photo and drawings, informed of his surgical procedure and attendant risks and did so with confidence and clarity. Further, his surgical result was excellent and relatively pain free. He and his staff have an excellent reputation and it's well deserved!"

Richard's Story

I had the best experience with Dr. Bazaz. my shoulder feels so much better, working out again, had a great trip to mexico, all this and pizza. what a terrific doctor. Thank you. 

Mark's Story

"A co-worker asked her mother, a nurse who was the best for hip replacement and Dr. Raj was the answer. I went to see him and after the X-Ray he said how did you walk in here? It was decided that I, at only 47, would get a total hip replacement. I was AMAZED! The pain that I had was gone! I felt the pain of the surgery on that first step but the joint pain was gone. Thanks Dr Raj for giving me my life back!" --Mark


Carolyn's Story

"I have seen Dr. Bazaz on several occasions. The most significant time was 2 years ago when I took a flying leap across the kitchen floor and torn the hamstring ligament off the bone. Dr. Bazaz was GREAT! He talked to me about my options - he has done that consistently with me. I always know where I stand and what to expect. My surgery was a huge success. He met with me beforehand and the day after surgery he called me to see how I am doing. He has always been really clear and very respectful. He listens to me! Also, I took my mother to see him as we were struggling to decide what to do with her bone health. He gave really clear information to her. He spoke to her directly (unlike other medical professionals who talk about her in her presence, rather than to her). I have had to take my mother to other orthopedic centers because the hospital used that particular center. Having had the opportunity to compare, I'll take Western Orthopaedics any day! The staff at WO are fabulous. I have always felt cared for and taken care of by everyone there. I cannot imagine going anywhere else if I ever need another surgery (God forbid!). Thank you!" --Carolyn A.


Barbara's Story

"I've seen Raj Bazaz three times, and each time is better. He's always cheerful, informative, and helpful. He asks about your life and tells about his - like lawn responding wonderfully to all the recent rain. He works well with my primary doctor. The staff at Western is just as great -- cheerful, helpful, and efficient. I wouldn't see any other group of orthopods."


Janet's Story

"At the time I asked for help with my two arthritic knees, I was in poor condition and walking with crutches. It wouldn't have been long before I was in a wheel chair at the rate things were progressing. At that point, I requested an evaluation from Dr. Raj Bazaz and from that point, I felt confident that surgery and knee replacement was the answer to my pain and inability to have a normal life. From the time I was introduced to Western Orthopaedics and Dr. Bazaz, I entered the process of two knee replacements. Although I was a hesitant to have two surgeries, I knew that was the only answer to my ability to walk. My hospital experience was the best I've experienced as the facility is small and tailored to orthopaedic patients at St. Joseph's East. The attention I received was excellent and I did go to a rehabilitation facility after each surgery. Dr. Bazaz communicated exactly what to expect and gave me confidence that the outcome would be positive. Little did I know that the outcome has been more than positive. I am able to function fully and no longer suffer with pain. I am back to all normal activities and feel so grateful for the improvement to my daily life. I would wish that any other person who is hesitant to enter into knee replacement consider how the surgery has changed my life. I thank Dr. Bazaz and Western Orthopaedics for my positive results." --Janet J.


Greg's Story

"After tearing my ACL and damaging my meniscus over the winter, Dr. Bazaz performed reconstructive surgery on April 22. I was off crutches 3 days later, with minimal pain and discomfort. While physical therapy was not easy, my recovery was quicker than I ever expected. Less than two months after the surgery, I was standing on top of a 14er. I could not be happier with the results of Dr. Bazaz's work and would highly recommend him to anybody needing knee surgery." --Greg


Terri's Story

"I am terrified of needles! I had to have 3 kneecap infusions. Poor Dr. Bazaz, the first infusion I was a total mess. As all the staff knew, I had to bring my mother the 2nd and my father the 3rd. They really hurt, the injections. I thought no way are my knees going to feel better in a month. I'm not embarrassed to say, I am over 50. (smile) "You know what?" THE DOCTOR IS RIGHT!! Everyday it feels better and better. I would like to thank the ladies upfront and nurses who escorted me to the patient room. They were so great! In fact, the 2nd time I came in they already knew who I was. (not because I'm a big baby) I truly think they care about their patients. GREAT DOCTOR AND STAFF!" --Terri 


Tyler's Story

"I need more than 500 characters! I have never felt more comfortable at any doctor’s office as a patient, but more importantly as a person. There were never any false expectations set and all of the staff was so accommodating, comforting, and beyond capable all the way through the administrative process. I have fully recovered and cannot say enough about Dr. Bazaz and the entire staff at Western Orthopaedics." --Tyler


Jeffrey's Story

"I was extremely impressed with the organization at Western Orthopaedics. I was misdiagnosed by a previous doctor from another organization. I was told I had severe tendinitis on my right knee when I actually had a torn meniscus cartilage. I sought out Western Orthopaedics by reference from a friend. Dr. Bazaz was very friendly, very knowledgeable, very understanding, and very cool! He explained everything to me very thoroughly and quickly scheduled my surgery due to a cancel. All of the receptionists, nurses, schedulers, etc. and everyone involved were great! I felt very comfortable in my experience and would recommend them to anybody. Immediately following surgery, my injured pain is gone. Now I am just healing. I am very relieved and happy and feel fortunate to have found Western Orthopaedics. Now I can be very active again! Thanks." --Jeffrey S.


Rick's Story

"I had rotator cuff repair on my right shoulder. My physician was Dr. Bazaz. The surgery was performed on Tuesday, January 28, 2014, at Midtown Surgical Center. Everything went well with no complications. I am now well on my way to recovery. Dr. Bazaz is very professional and knowledgeable in the explanation of all that was involved with the surgery and recovery. I especially like his good sense of humor in preparing me for the surgery. I would highly recommend him to anyone with orthopedic problems." --Rick C.


Suzi's Story

"My very large dog pulled me down while chasing a bunny last October. My knee hurt, but of course I thought it would get bettter on its own, but it didn't. When I finally contacted Western Orthopaedics, it was swollen and I couldn't run or do yoga. Dr. Bazaz consulted with me and performed surgery to repair my injury on January 2nd. Three weeks later, I feel pretty darn good and have yoga scheduled for tomorrow and Friday. Dr. B is fabulous and the entire staff at Western Orthopaedics is very caring, professional, and friendly. I would certainly recommend them to anyone who needs orthopaedic care." --Suzi


Ellen's Story

"Dr. Raj Bazaz replaced my right knee in June. The experience exceeded any expectation I had. He and his staff are professional and gave me the information I needed. The nurses and doctors during surgery and my hospital stay were responsive. Although the first two weeks were painful, my knee improved rapidly. I can now hike, play golf, and do anything I want - without pain." --Ellen


Christiana's Story

"Dr. Bazaz is the best doc I have ever had! He has made my knee surgery easy and stress free. He has a great sense of humor and made an uncomfortable situation easier. Dr. Bazaz rocks!!! Every appointment was quick and to the point. I never was stuck in the waiting room or the exam room for longer than ten minutes. I was always in and out. The receptionists were so sweet and helpful every time I was there. It was cake! Less than three months after my surgery, I was/am back in the gym and riding my bike, walking, and I look forward to getting on the golf course soon before the weather turns. Thanks guys!" --Christiana


Manny's Story

"It all went really well there for me, and I'm completely recovered from my injury of getting hit by an S.U.V. and am working out again getting back to my old form of strength and endurance. I'm 6-1, 217 pounds, and about 13% body fat. I can once again bench press and squat my own body weight, and would like to thank Dr. Raj Bazaz for all his help." --Manny