In January 2018, I decided I needed to start a country music band. My older brother Pete had played in bands from the age of 5 until he died at age 42. I'll never forget watching his band set up on our driveway and seeing the street turn into a big party with neighbors dancing and drinking and having a blast. Music was Pete's life, and while he never made it big, he did open for BB King at the Rainbow Music Hall, and for Pete Frampton at the Ogden. 

Pete Parks, age 12 in 1996

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Living with a guitar savant as an older brother, I had plenty of guitars laying around the house so I learned how to play basic stuff at an early age. I didn't take it seriously until I decided a few years ago that, if I was going to start a band, I'd better get on it before I get too old! I talked Doug Hunley, an excellent guitar player himself, into playing bass for the project, and we happened across drummer Rick Thornberry whose job playing at the White Fence Farm restaurant had recently evaporated when the place went out of business. It took us a few months to get up to speed, but we loved playing together and had a lot of fun. Our band, the Busted Bones, plays a few times a month. We even have an original song that was played on the radio stations across the country last October. 

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2020 Update on The Busted Bones Band

With the pandemic, the closing of restaurants and bars and all that social distancing, it hasn’t been a great year for our band, or any musical group, for that matter. We haven’t played since our last dive bar gig in February, and we’re getting rusty(er)! I imagine good musicians have spent these dismal months practicing and honing their skills, but I can’t say that’s been true for me. Work’s been slower than usual, so there hasn’t been a shortage of free time, but without the abject terror of getting up on stage every month, I haven’t been all that motivated.

Our Halloween song, however, had a great year. After climbing to #1 in the UK in 2019, it got airtime on 54 country music stations across the US and Canada in 2020, and was heard on stations in 13 different countries overseas, including obscure places like Malta and the Faroe Islands.

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