Dr. Hatzidakis interviewed about chronic shoulder pain


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"Dr. Armodios Hatzidakis of Denver, CO does an excellent job describing the common causes of shoulder pain, arthritis and treatment options including SIMPLICITITM and the benefits it offers to his patients.  

Additionally, Tim Burney, one of Dr. Hatzidakis’ patients, highlights his painful journey from having debilitating shoulder arthritis to being pain free and returning to the things he loves to do after receiving SIMPLICITITM.  His experience is summarized by the following quote: 

“Before my surgery, we had a granddaughter and it was impossible to lift her up, after my surgery, she is almost a year now, I have no problem lifting her above my head and it is very gratifying to do that.”  

What a positive impact SIMPLICITI is having on those suffering with shoulder arthritis!"

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