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Benjamin W. Sears, M.D.

Benjamin W. Sears, M.D.

Orthopaedic Specialist, Disorders of the Shoulder and Elbow

""I listen carefully, and I explain treatment options clearly so my patients can be active, informed participants in their recoveries.""

Below are several articles that have been published by Dr. Sears.   

  • Articles and Publications

    • Anthropometric Analysis

      An anthropometric analysis to derive formulae for calculating the dimensions of anatomically shaped humeral heads.

    • Antioxidant Therapy

      Antioxidant Therapy Attenuates Deficient Bone Fracture Repair Associated With Binge Alcohol Exposure.

    • Binge Alcohol Exposure

      Binge Alcohol Exposure Modulates Rodent Expression of Biomarkers of the Immunoinflammatory Response to Orthopaedic Trauma.

    • Variation of tension in the long head of the biceps tendon

      Variation of tension in the long head of the biceps tendon as a function of limb position with simulated biceps contraction.  

    • Clavicle Fractures

      Fixation of Unstable Type II Clavicle Fractures With Distal Clavicle Plate and Suture Button.

    • Femur Fracture

      Correlation of measurable serum markers of inflammation with lung levels following bilateral femur fracture in a rat model.

    • Glenoid Bone Loss

      Glenoid Bone Loss in Primary Total Shoulder Arthroplasty:  Evaluation and Management.

    • Humeral Fracture

      Humeral fracture following subpectoral biceps tenodesis in 2 active healthy patients.  

    • Long Head Biceps Tendon

      Variation of tension in the long head of the biceps tendon as a function of limb position with simulated biceps contraction.  

    • Mandatory Chest X-Ray

      Old Fashion Clinical Judgment in the Era of Protocols:  Is Mandatory Chest X-Ray Necessary in Injured Patients?

    • Pathoanatomy

      Pathoanatomy and Clinical Correlates of the Immunoinflammatory Response Following Orthopaedic Trauma.

    • Posttraumatic Elbow Arthritis

      Posttraumatic Elbow Arthritis in the Young Adult:  Evaluation and Management.  

    • Reefing Shoulder and Elbow

       Reefing procedure for lateral collateral ligament attenuation during ligamentous repair for elbow trauma.

    • Revision Rotator Cuff Repair

      Clinical Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Revision Rotator Cuff Repair With Extracellular Matrix Augmentation.  

    • Shoulder Arthroscopy Current Literature

      Neurocognitive Deficits and Cerebral Desaturation During Shoulder Arthroscopy With Patient in Beach-Chair Position:  A Review of the Current Literature.

    • Shoulder Arthroscopy Risk Factors

      Cerebral desaturation events during shoulder arthroscopy in the beach chair position:  patient risk factors and neurocognitive effects. 

    • Shoulder Arthroscopy Head and Neck Position

      Effect of Head and Neck Positioning on Cerebral Perfusion During Shoulder Arthroscopy in Beach Chair Position.  

    • Shoulder Arthroscopy Observational Study

      Cerebral Desaturation During Shoulder Arthroscopy:  A Prospective Observational Study.  

    • Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

      Perioperative Rotator Cuff Injury and Disease With Anatomic Total Shoulder Arthroplasty.  

Meet Dr. Sears

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Official Team Physician

Dr. Bazaz and Dr. Sears are the team physicians for the Major League Rugby team - The Glendale Raptors.