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Regenerative Medicine

We are pleased to provide stem cell therapy to those patients who want an innovative approach to treating pain and boost healing.  

Regenerative medicine is the use of “stem cells” to help modify a disease process by using the body’s cells to repair, heal and possibly reverse the aging process. Stem cells occur naturally in blood, bone marrow, and fat tissue. These stem cells are the human body “construction workers” that many times can replicate and initiate the healing of damaged tissues and replenish dying or dead tissue.
Stem Cells can be harvested from:
A – Autogeneous Sources (your own living cells)
1 – Blood
2 – Bone Marrow
3 – Adipose (fat)
B – Allogenic (someone else’s cells)

1 – placental embryonic cells 

 Stem Cell Types

Blood – “PRP”
Also known as platelet rich plasma
Most common (around since the mid 90s)
Most studied (best published literature)
In office procedure, around 30 minutes. 
Peripheral blood draw – NO anesthesia required!
Autogenous – your own cells
May augment healing after orthopedic procedures and modify disease processes.
Bone Marrow
Common – long history of use
Autogenous – your own cells
Requires a surgery center
Requires anesthesia
Especially attractive for bone pathology – nonunions, avascular necrosis, etc.
Adipose Tissue – Fat cells
Autogenous source – your own cells
Harvest from abdomen
Requires surgery center
Requires anesthesia
Increased concentration of stem cells compared to bone marrow
May augment other treatments
Placental Tissue
Allogenic – donor tissue
No morbidity
Lower price point
Office procedure
Growth factors – bioactivity preserved
Research studies ongoing and positive 
The use of stem cells has exploded in the past ten years, and the understanding of which type, dose, and studies of efficacy have continued to improve. Effectiveness of stem cell therapy also depends on the disease and the expectations of the patient. Western Ortopaedics is proud to add this new field to our armory in the care of musculoskeletal disease. 
Orthopedic Conditions Treated
Knee Arthritis
Meniscus Tears
Shoulder Arthritis
Rotator Cuff Injuries
Tennis and Golfer’s Elbows
Achilles Tendonitis
Plantar Fasciitis
Physicians who offer Stem Cell Therapy: