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Tendon Lacerations

    Tendon Lacerations

    Tendons are the tissue that connect the muscle to the bone.  As the muscle contracts it pulls on the tendon which then pulls on the bone moving the joints.  Because of the frequency of lacerations involving the hand and the superficial location of the tendons of the hand, these specialized structures are often injured.  Injuries can involve the FLEXOR TENDONS (the tendons on the palm side that bend the fingers) or to the EXTENSOR TENDONS (the tendons on the back of the hand that straighten the fingers).  Sometimes the tendons may RUPTURE (break) without a laceration.  The most frequent of these injuries is at the last joint of the finger and is called a MALLET FINGER.

    How are they treated?

    Lacerations of the tendons require surgical repair followed by a very specific program of splinting and therapy to allow the tendon to heal but minimize the scar tissue formation.  Scar tissue always forms around a tendon and can limit its motion and hence the motion of the joint that it moves.  The therapy program maximizes the recovered motion.

    Mallet finger injuries can most often be treated with a splinting program without surgery.