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  • Total Ankle Replacement (arthroplasty)

    Total ankle replacement (arthroplasty) (TAA) is an emerging technology that shows promise for patients suffering from debilitating arthritis of the ankle.  Until recently, patients with ankle arthitis had only two options: deal with their pain or have their ankle fused.  While the results of ankle fusion are fairly good, most patients prefer to have a mobile ankle.  Ankle replacement has been around since the 70’s, but recent advances in implant design have improved the outcomes of this surgery.  Some patients with ankle fusions can even have ankle replacements as well.  Please see this link for additional information:  Tornier

  • Great Toe Replacement

    Arthritis of the big toe is a fairly common entity, and unlike arthritis in other areas of the body, can afflict younger patients.  Usual surgeries that address big toe arthritis include debridement (cleaning out) the joint or fusion.  Older patients tend to tolerate fusion quite well, but younger patients often are not happy with the stiffness associated this procedure.  Partial replacement of the great toe is an attractive alternative to fusion.  This is an emerging technology that has been around for many years, but the older implants have marginal long term success.  The newest implant on the market has shown good promise.