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Office Appointments: 303-321-1333 - Physical Therapy: 303-253-7373

Brian J. White, M.D.

Brian J. White, M.D.

Orthopaedic Specialist in Disorders of the Hip

"By specializing on only one joint (the hip), this allows for greater precision with surgery and, in turn superior outcomes. "

For Patients Outside of Colorado

We frequently care for patients outside of the state of Colorado.  My team at Western Orthopaedics will help you through this process, and we will make great efforts to make sure that your surgery here is as convenient as possible. To begin this process with us, please follow the directions below. 

For Your Initial Evaluation:
Please download the following forms:   

Once completed, please return them to Western Orthopaedics with the following: 

      • X-rays- AP Pelvis and lateral view of the hip (preferably cross table lateral view) on a disk.  (*Please include the radiology report for these X-rays).
      • MRI of hip on a disk.
        (* Please send radiology reports for the MRI's)
      • If you have had a previous hip arthroscopy:
        -Color copies or original pictures from your surgery
        -Operative Report by the surgeon who performed this surgery 
        (usually available from the surgeon’s office or the hospital)
      • Please no hard copy images (xrays and MRI) – Please send all images on a disk. 
      • Enclose a check for $200.00 to pay for the review of your above information, as well as a phone consultation with Shawn Karns, PA-C.  This service is meant to spare you the expense of having to travel to Denver. Please see below further explanation of this fee.
      • A copy of the front and back of your insurance card.
Please send all of the above to:
Dr. Brian J. White
Western Orthopaedic  
                1830 Franklin Street, Suite #450
                Denver, CO  80218 

We offer this review of your information for $200.00.  The fee must be enclosed with your packet in order for us to initiate this review.  Please recognize that it will require some time to thoroughly review everything  that you send to us.  Once we receive all of the above information, we will contact you by telephone to better understand your hip and try to determine the most efficient and thorough way to care for you.  Please take some time to familiarize yourself with femoral acetabular impingement (FAI) and labral injuries to better facilitate our discussion on your plan of care.  Click here to view the presentation.  If after our discussion over the telephone, we both feel that hip arthroscopy in Denver is the best decision, there are two options.  

1. Consultation visit in Denver at Western Orthopaedics
2. Consultation visit with surgery scheduled for the next day
Together we will decide which is the most convenient and appropriate.
For Your Surgery:

We recommend the following hotels for their reduced rates and their proximity to the hospital, Western Orthopaedics, and Physical Therapy.  
I recommend staying in Denver for 2-4 days after your surgery.  This will allow you to start Physical Therapy with our program to optimize your result.  I would recommend the following:

  •  An appointment with Danielle Schoenthaler, PT, DPT, OCS at Western Orthopaedics PT (303-253-7373) on the Wednesday of your clinic appointment with me before surgery.
  • 1 or 2 postoperative PT appointments while in Denver
    -Tuesday – Friday are available with Danielle at Western Orthopaedics PT
    -Saturday appointments are possible with Ron Harder at Sports Rehab Consulting at 855-437-6444 ext 703

***It is your responsibility to make your appointments with PT prior to your arrival in Denver.  It will not be possible to make them last minute***


Follow-up After Surgery:

I typically recommend having a physical therapist or your local physician remove your sutures 2 weeks after your surgery.  I would like to see you in Denver at 2 months and 4 months after your surgery.  When you make this appointment with me, also make an appointment with Danielle Schoenthaler, PT, DPT, OCS with Western Orthopaedics Physical Therapy to evaluate your progress and to update your physical therapy plan.

Dr. White proves Labral reconstruction is superior to labral repair

Dr. White performs his 2000th labral reconstruction

Hip FAI Presentation

Hip FAI Presentation

                                                                                             Dr. White's Hip FAI Talk for Patients Considering Surgery 

Back on Course

Back on Course
Professional ski mountaineer Janelle Smiley breaks world record after complex hip surgery
by Porter Adventist Hospital orthopedic surgeon Brian J. White, MD.  Click to read more.  

A Patient guide to Ganz Osteotomy

A Patient guide to Ganz Osteotomy

                                                                                                        Click here for presentation.  

Total Hip Presentation

Total Hip Presentation

                                                                             Click here to read Dr. White's Total Hip Presentation for Patients.  

Dr. White's iBook - Arthroscopic Allograft Labral Reconstruction

Dr. White's iBook - Arthroscopic Allograft Labral Reconstruction

Dr White’s iBook technique guide for Allograft Labral Reconstruction. Follow this link if you'd like to purchase this technique guide for Labral Reconstruct produced in collaboration with Smith and Nephew.

An example of Dr. White's labral reconstruction of the hip

Treat the whole person not just the hip.

Dr. White strongly believes that hip arthroscopy is a big procedure that should be done in a hospital rather than a surgery center.  He believes that it is important to treat the whole person and not just the hip.  He is very happy with the level of care and the facility at Porter Hospital.  


Dr. White performs 100% of your surgery.

Dr. White does not train residents or fellows.  He performs 100% of your surgery.