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Armodios M. Hatzidakis, M.D.

Armodios M. Hatzidakis, M.D.

Orthopaedic Specialist, Shoulder and Elbow

"I stay updated and proficient in both time-honored and modern techniques "

  • Information Directly from Dr. Hatzidakis

    • Shoulder Replacement Outcomes

      Shoulder Replacement Outcomes

      Having a surgeon who is carefully tracking each of his patient’s outcome is equally important as it provides invaluable knowledge regarding the success of the shoulder replacement surgery.

    • Why have your shoulder replacement with Dr. Hatzidakis

      Why have your shoulder replacement with Dr. Hatzidakis

      You want a shoulder specialist to do your surgery. Dr. Hatzidakis has spent the last 15 years studying and training in the science and art of shoulder replacement surgery.

  • Articles & Presentations

    • Posterior Shoulder Instability

      Posterior Shoulder Instability Presentation

    • Hourglass Biceps

      Hourglass Biceps as a Cause of Painful Locking and Stiffness in the Shoulder
      -JSES 2004, Armodios Hatzidakis, MD

    • Neer Award 2005

      Neer Award 2005 Grammont Reverse Shoulder Replacement Results
      -JSES 2006, Armodios Hatzidakis, MD

    • Reverse Prosthesis

      Reverse Prosthesis Design Rationale and Biomechanics
      -JSES 2005, Armodios Hatzidakis, MD

  • Educational Links

    • Dr. Hatzidakis performs reversed total shoulder arthroplasty

      Dr. Armodios Hatzidakis performs reversed total shoulder arthroplasty and demonstrates the positive effects of using the Aquamantys System from Medtronic Advanced Energy. The Aquamantys System uses patented Transcollation technology, which provides hemostatic sealing of soft tissue and bone during surgery. 

    • AAOS website

      AAOS patient education library.  Use this website to get more information about your condition.

    • The Lift Program

      This is a website to help you understanding chronic shoulder pain, how it works, what to expect before and after surgery and to see what other patient's have to say.  Six of the patients featured in the "Patient Stories" section are actually patients who have had shoulder replacement by Dr. Hatzidakis.

    • Dealing with Chronic Shoulder Pain


Arthritis in the ShoulderDr. Hatzidakis talks about arthritis in the shoulder.

Aequalis Reversed BaseplateHow a reverse shoulder replacement works. Shoulder Animation 1.

Aequalis Reversed Stem in HumerusHow a reverse shoulder replacement works. Shoulder Animation 2.

Aequalis Reversed MovementHow a reverse shoulder replacement works. Shoulder Animation 3.

The Painful Shoulder & ElbowThe Painful Shoulder & Elbow

Total Shoulder Resurfacing

Dr. Hatzidakis speaks on "Total" Shoulder Resurfacing

Reversed Shoulder Replacement Video

The reversed shoulder is an option for the patient with an extremely deficient rotator cuff and/or severely distorted shoulder anatomy. The implants "reverse" the ball and socket anatomy of the shoulder, placing the "ball" on the original socket (glenoid) side and the "socket" in the original ball (humerus). This designs imparts the mechanical stability normally provided by the rotator cuff for shoulder elevation (lifting of the arm). Watch and see how it works!