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Dr. White Proves Labral Reconstruction is Superior to Labral Repair

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Dr. White’s paper comparing Labral Reconstruction to Labral Repair has been published in the Journal of Arthroscopy.  In this study, 29 of his patients underwent hip arthroscopy on both sides.  On one side, he performed a labral reconstruction, and on the other, he performed a labral repair.  The results between the two sides were compared at a minimum of at least 2 years after the operations.  This is a very powerful comparison, because instead of comparing 2 different people who had different procedures, this study looks at the same patient who can directly compare their 2 hips.  The power of this study is that it eliminates all variables:  It essentially directly compares his labral reconstruction to labral repair.

There were no failures in the reconstruction hips (0%).   None.  In contrast, 31% of the labral repairs failed.  All of these patients decided to electively have a 3rd surgery to convert their failed labral repair to a reconstruction with Dr. White.  Simply put, they wanted to get the result they had with their labral reconstruction.  The results are clear and obvious:  In his hands, labral reconstruction is a more reliable, better procedure for hip arthroscopy.  He performs roughly 430 labral reconstructions per year.   On August 2, 2017, he performed his 2,000th labral reconstruction.  Dr. White is the right choice for your hip.
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